Affordable Packages

A pricing structure that is convenient and affordable.


A Properly configured digital footprint is the first step towards subscribing to any of our packages. If you already have a website or some presence in social networks, we will be completing a thorough review of both technical and business needs. This is essential to create a qualified and verified business presense, so the consumers can find you where its most needed.
This initial and one-time review includes any third party sites that carry your business name including any corresponding information that may affect the perception of the consumer. If you have no presence in any of the social networks, we will create and setup your digital footprint that is right for your specific business. There is a one-time setup cost associated with this setup and review.


One bad review online has the potential to lose more than a few consumers. Responding to these reviews professionally changes the way the consumers perceive the business in a positive way. It shows that the business cares about consumers and works hard towards a customer satisfaction. The review sites are now so common that it's difficult to monitor every one of them, let alone respond to them regularly. If you have a social network presence, then the problem grows multi-fold. Things can spiral out of control, if swift action is not taken.
Vital package covers these issues effectively. We will monitor your social networks along with all the necessary third party review sites. We will also prioritize the feedback and alert you accordingly. You will also get a summary report of all the activities across not just your social networks but from all the 3rd party sites that carry your business name. You can still stay in control of what content will be published in the social networks.


If your business need requires a healthy dose of regular communication, this is the right package for you. These are local businesses that rely on returning customers for their revenues. The packages allows a event based schedule of pre-determined content that will be propogated to either specific audience or a general broadcast. Events can be holidays and content can be anything you choose; it could be a business anniversary sale or customer appreciation day etc.
The package includes a limited set of content geared towards a specific audience that is right for your business. You will also be provided with a complete analysis of the content reach and the response metrics. This is a cumulative package, so all the features of VITAL package are included. In addition, our PR executive will be responding to consumer feedback as whenever there is a need. The responses can be pre-scripted or based on mutual agreement stemmed from our interaction.


If you have a strong appetite for growth then this package serves most of your needs. If your business is in an expansion mode with a specific marketing plan then we can help carrying that consistent message across all social media platforms. Whether the message is about increasing sales, breaking new geographic boundaries, relaunch and even re-branding; we can help manage all your social media needs.
This package is cumulative as well and includes of all the benefits of above listed packages. You will also get a detailed analysis of the market reach with detailed metrics.


This is a more than a fixed price package and may not include some of the requirements that is necessary to achieve the business goals. The package involves a detailed project plan of specific needs of the business which may include a thorough review of business plan.
Once the requirements are set, we can get to work on unifying the social and digital media needs with the corporate business plan. This plan may be appropriate for well established business units which require a completely customized solution and a content that is highly customizable and targeted.